Week 2: Sculpture

This week we were assigned to make a sculpture of our hand or foot. The activity required materials such as, a bucket, plaster mix, water, and sand from a beach or play sand for those that couldn’t make it out to the beach on Thursday! I myself, wasn’t able to make it out to the beach because of a camping trip i went on, on labor day weekend. Therefore, i used play sand.

First, i put my hand inside the bucket and had my sister pour the sand all over my hand until it filled the top of the bucket completely. I waited about 5 minutes with my hand inside the sand so it can get the shape of my hand. After that my sister mixed the plaster with water and once it was ready to be poured, i removed my hand from the hole and poured the plaster inside of the hole. I let it dry up for about 30-40 minutes, after that i carefully removed all the sand around my hand sculpture. Once i could see the hand itself, i removed it from the bucket and cleaned it up. Finally, i took a picture with my hand sculpture.


Furthermore, i really enjoyed doing this assignment/activity, because i have never done anything like this, and it was a great new experience. To top it off, i felt like a kid again, playing with sand and my hands. Today in class you asked us who has done something like this, and nobody raised their hand. This comes to show that we don’t really appreciate the little things in life that we sometimes miss out on because of life in general. We’re all so busy with our personal life, school, work and who knows what else… So, this activity and class as a whole is shaping up to be one of my favorites, due to all the activities we still have left to do.


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