Week 3: Artist Conversation Kayla Workman

Kayla Workman Art
Kayla Workman Hands. Kayla Workman Hands.

On Thursday we went to the Art galleries on campus to view art. I honestly cant remember the last time i went to an art gallery of any sort. Artwork is made to be showcased at events and or galleries. I, along with my classmates were lucky enough to be able to view art and talk to an artist about their art. The artist i spoke to was Kayla Workman, 26, and currently in her last semester at California State University of Long Beach majoring in Art Education. Kayla Workman was involved in an art show called “cross cultural and Community-based practices in Art” This took place in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. All the artwork in the gallery were a collaboration between art students and a few community organizations. Acacia Adult Day Services, NCASS- Woman to Woman and Arts and Services for the Disabled. There was a lot of different kind of artwork in this gallery. This was because it was created by the community and by elders who were disabled. 

The artwork that really stood out to me was the Polaroids with their hands and a piece of paper with a message. In a few they told a story. For example, on the Polaroids of their hands, they wrote a message on a piece of paper and were holding it with their hands out. The messages were short, but they made sense in according to their hands conditions and what the message was saying. This may be stereotypical but one said “i make fried chicken with my hands” and the hands holding that message were wrinkly and a brown color. This artwork was created by the disabled elderly. This comes to show that anyone can create art, whether it be great, good, or mediocre art, art is art. 

Workman was inspired to work with elders because she witnessed the effect Alzheimer’s had on her loved ones. Workman felt that she needed to branch out and show her artwork with everyone, not only a specific audience. Kayla wanted to work with people who have lived and experienced a lot more than she has. I believe she did this to get new ideas for art that she should create. This project with the elders was them relating to their past experiences and turning it into art! This whole project was finding ones identity since people with Alzheimer’s often lose themselves and can’t remember much of everything.

Kayla had a tattoo of a paintbrush on her upper arm near her shoulder on her right arm and that symbolizes how passionate she is about art. Kayla is from North Dakota and she wants to be a teacher in the future. Being a teacher aide for most of her class periods during her senior year is what inspired her to want to become a teacher. To be more specific she wants to teach high school photography. 

Kayla Workman Contact Information:

Email: KRworkman@gmail.com

Website: http://kaylaraecreates.weebly.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kayla-Rae/177620682266830?sk=info&tab=page_info


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