Week 3: Classmate Conversation Mark Flores

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I got the chance to meet and talk to a classmate, Mark Flores. He approached me, and then we traded information and just talked. Great kid, 10/10. Mark is originally from the East Los Angeles area, but he moved around a lot growing up. From LA, to Lancaster, to Houston, to Mexico, and finally back to California when he was about 15. He currently resides in Newport Beach. He’s 20 years old, and is a second year here at California State University of Long Beach. Mark played baseball for the majority of his life, up until his junior year of high school. Mark has a few hobbies, such as boxing, he hopes to compete in the amateurs in the future. A few other hobbies that Mark has are surfing, going to the beach and playing videos, specifically on the PS4. He’s a server at a Cafe in New Port Beach Full time and also a full time student. Mark is great with managing his time, since he made it on the deans list his first two semesters! He is a criminal justice major and hopes to become a cop or California highway patrol.

Mark also told me about how when he had to move to Mexico he had mixed feelings about it, because he didn’t want to leave Houston, Texas where he lived at the time. This led to depression issues and a lot of weight gain, i could relate to this because during my 13-16 years old i gained a lot of weight and was so overweight. When Mark moved back to California when he was 15 he felt so insecure that he felt like he needed to drop weight fast, so he did. After a year or so he had dropped about 65 pounds which is amazing! Mark then got a job, talked to more people, and he slowly broke out of his shell and wasn’t anti social how he was because of the weight gain. I can relate to this because when i was 16, the summer going into my senior year i decided to make a change, so i joined wrestling, i to dropped a lot of weight in a matter of months. Best decision of my life. I to became more social and broke out of my shell. Its crazy how something can change ones life for the better. When Mark told me about his weight issue, it made me think back on my journey and i could relate to what he told me. Anyway, these classmates conversations are pretty cool, you never know who you’ll meet. Mark is overall such a great guy, and I’m glad i got the chance to speak to him on a somewhat personal level.

What is art?

Mark said:

Art is a passion that someone has for creating and or entertaining. Whether it be painting or playing a sport like basketball… Art is the process in which whatever a human being is doing, or has done. The mechanics, practice are all a part of what makes art, art.

Mark Flores contact information: markrobertflorejr.com


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