Week 3: Social Photography

There are a little over 100 people in this art class. We all have different interests, majors, jobs, and lives altogether. Although, one thing that we all use on a daily basis, is social media. Like who doesn’t? We use social media to post many different things such as, adventures we go on, pictures of our friends or pets. This weeks assignment was social photography and it took place on Instagram, while using the hashtag #art110f2015 where we shared our pictures to our classmates. While looking at the hashtag on Instagram i came across a lot of pictures from my classmates, all the pictures were very different and some caught my attention. It was interesting to see what each of my classmates did on a certain day, without knowing them on a personal level.

For this activity i took 4 pictures throughout my day. My regular school day isn’t all that interesting, simply going to class, hitting the gym, then going home. Just an average life of a college student! One of the best feelings ever is coming home to my dogs, i have 2 huskies and a poodle. They always come up to me and show me love, best feeling ever, hands down. Dogs really are a mans best friend! Anyway, my huskies are Luna and Estrella. (Luna on the left & Estrella on the right) They’re about to turn 2 in 2 weeks. My huskies are the last living things that i see before going to bed. Therefore I thought I’d share this photo for my social photography assignment because the moment that i captured it in seemed so perfect.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.56.56 AM

Looking through the pictures that some of my classmates posted and i came across this one. I go to the gym after class but didn’t get the chance to take a picture. This picture made me jealous because Matt, beat a PR of 275! That’s awesome. I have a lot of work to do to get to that level. The gym is a great place for us college students to relieve stress after a long day of tedious classes and the never ending homework. Matt’s picture gives a great representation of what hard work and dedication can accomplish, overcoming a personal record. This picture gave me somewhat of a motivation boost to say the least. Thank you to Matt for posting this picture, and congrats on breaking a PR! Lets get these gains!

Matt Carder’s Information:

Instagram : Mattcarder2

Website: mattcarder.wordpress.com

Matt breaking a Personal Record!
Matt breaking a Personal Record!

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