Week 4: Artist Conversation David De Mendoza

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.04.36 PM

This week i had the chance to speak to David De Mendoza, an amazing artist to say the least. First of all, i was astonished when he said he was 31 I viewed some of his crazy artwork at the Max L. Gatov Galery West on campus! Hes from Santa Monica, but resides in Long Beach. David is finishing up his Masters here at CSULB and his hobbies consist of digital art among other art related activities. I was wondering what inspired him to do these pieces of art, his response was “scary movies and horror books are what interest me and that’s what inspired me to do art” David also said how all his paintings have a life of their own, a little planning goes into them but its mainly spontaneous. The 3 paintings that David had for display took him the whole summer to complete them. Finally, David’s art really interested me because they were different, and they bring out the fear of the little things, such as babies.

Davids Instagram: Demendizzle Check him out!


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