Week 4: Classmate Conversation- Bryan Hernandez

Bryan and myself. Bryan on the right!
Bryan and myself. Bryan on the right!

This week i got to interview my classmate, Bryan Hernandez. Very well spoken and outgoing individual. Bryan is 19 and in his second year here at Cal State Long Beach, majoring in Business Management. He lives in Downey. Some of Bryan’s hobbies consist of swimming, weight lifting and reading, says reading is relaxing and enjoyable. We asked each other what our favorite form of art is, we both said music. One of his favorite artists is Eminem, he said Eminem’s lyrics and music as a whole as relateable to just about anyone. Family issues, depression over a lost loved one, addiction, money, fame, poverty, and success. His music touches on all these topics which is why Bryan likes him so much. I talked to Bryan about a few of my favorite artists, Taylor Swift and a few songs from One Direction that really talk to me and bring back some of the best memories of my life. It’s crazy how music can mean so much, moreover a simple song can remind you of a special person, an experience, a friendship, its crazy. Both these artists, and their lyrics really captivate me and i can relate to them. Overall, Bryan was a great person to talk to, great guy, and interesting as well. We exchanged numbers and hope to keep in contact in the future.

Why does art matter?

Bryan said “Art matters because it expresses how we feel, puts us in a calm, fun collective environment. Brings out emotion, depression or happiness. The end result is you understanding how you feel and that others feel the same way. It can be expressed by drawing or music, which are all ART!

Bryans website: https://hernandezbryan.wordpress.com/


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