Week 4: Graffiti Activity

Steven the gr8!
Steven the gr8!

This week our activity was a Graffiti painting! Obviously it had to be done in a legal place. I did the assignment Friday morning, since it was my day off school, but didn’t take the picture until an hour ago, since i was out of town. I choose my backyard on some wood that i had lying around. I have never “tagged” in my life, so the new experience was interesting. I honestly thought it would come out horrible, to my surprise i managed to get all the letters to my name right and in block form, as requested by our professor. My colors were Red and green, ( if i could, i would’ve choose blue and grey) i used the more dominant color, being red for the outline of the letters, and used green for the shading in of the letters to add a bright texture to the final product. Overall, for being my first time tagging, my name came out clear and visible and the contrast of both colors really blended well with each other. For the future, i hope to be able to go to Venice beach and tag my name on the beautiful walls that you mentioned in class.


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