Week 5: Artist Conversation Josh Benz

"Netflix and Chill"
“Netflix and Chill”

It seems to me that this weeks theme was creativity! All the paintings in all the different galleries showed creativity and randomness all together. The painting above which caught my attention was created by Josh Benz and Karen Solis, sadly i didn’t get to speak to Karen. Josh plans to keep painting after he graduates and go to an art school and potentially study abroad. Josh called the painting “Netflix and Chill” we all laughed once he said that, due to the fact that “Netflix and Chill” has been a funny trend for the last month or so. The Painting is someone watching t.v or in her own dream/nightmare in a sense. Josh talked about how he just splatters all kinds of colors on the canvas because the hardest thing to paint for him is a blank canvas. Once theres paint on the canvas he begins drawing the characters and shapes. Larger brushes were used to cover the canvas and small brushes were used to add detail to it. The painting is “A Different moment in time” The dragon that is behind the girl on the bed is her shadow, at first i didn’t understand it, until Josh explained how everyone has a different side to them or a “different shadow.” It took Josh and Karen 3 weeks of painting for over 8 hours every other day to finish this painting.

A fellow classmate asked Josh what his style and Karen’s style were. Josh explained that his style is expression, narrative. Josh is a storyteller in a way, in this picture it can be interpreted in so many ways, the one that really captivated me is that everyone has a different side to them that they don’t really show anyone, but themselves. He likes to play with colors a lot. Karen’s style is representation of what she wants to show with her art.

Josh only has a facebook and its : Joshbenz


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