Week 5: Classmate Conversation- Jonathan Juarez

Jonathan and I
Jonathan and I

Last week i briefly met Jonathan through the classmate i converses with last week, Bryan. This week Jonathan and i decided to do the classmate conversation together so we can get it out of the way and actually converse this time around. Jonathan is 18 and currently resides in Compton, also a sophomore as myself. He is a Accounting and business management major. He use to be on the Varsity soccer team in high school, he loves soccer, says hes been playing since he was about 6. A few of Jonathan’s hobbies are swimming, soccer, and play pool. He plans to go to a business school after graduating from Cal State Long Beach. I also told Jonathan about my favorite sport that changed my life, Wrestling, we really started talking and got really into our conversation when we both told each other about our favorites sports. I think this comes to show that you can have so much in common with someone without evening knowing it. We were both passionate about a sport and it shaped us to who we are today. That’s what really made our conversation interesting and worthwhile, i hope to stay in touch with Johnathan because he seems like a genuine kid.

Anyway, these weekly conversations are really opening my mind to meeting new people. I’ve met more people this semester than i have my freshman year of college. Building a network in a sense. Lets get it!

Question of the week was: What do we swim in?

Very confusing question, a few classmates had to clarify what it meant. My answer was Air, because we need it to breathe. I’m pretty sure almost no one thinks about air being the reason we’re alive. We don’t really pay attention to it, even though its everywhere.

Jonathan’s response was Air pollution, similar explanation as mine. We didn’t think much of it until we were asked this question, What do we swim in?

Jonathan’s Links: https://jonathanjuarez14.wordpress.com/


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