Week 6: Artist Conversation Bianca Hurtado

Bianca Hurtado next to her artwork!
Bianca Hurtado next to her artwork!

This week i had the chance to speak to Bianca Hurtado, shown in the picture above. Bianca is a 6th year and a photography major. This gallery had 5 collaborators but she was the only one their to speak to. Her contribution to the piece was the huarches from Mexico. The theme of the gallery was Mexican/American, and how some people don’t know how to  categorize themselves. This piece of work took these 5 young ladies the whole summer up until this day, October. My favorite piece in the gallery was the Mexican flag and the United States of America flag on top of it, Bianca explained what it meant. Basically, her colleague Vanessa Olivarez created this piece, and shes Mexican American, but shes not really sure how to categorize herself. The main purpose of this artwork is about the Stereotypes on the Latin Culture and they build on it. This interested me because I’m Hispanic and I’m never sure how to classify myself as. Lastly, she spoke to us about how her mother was always wondering why she was always getting home late, and when she finally saw the final product of her daughters artwork, she was proud to say the least.

Bianca’s Instagram: @Bonqueeshaa


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