Week 7 Activity: Ephemeral Art

Horror Nights w/ some amazing friends!
Horror Nights w/ some amazing friends!

This weeks activity involved us using snapchat. This was perfect since i went to Halloween Horror Nights Friday night. Not to mention, i don’t like scary things, but i ended up overcoming the little fear that i had and really enjoyed myself. This snap was taking by Cesiah, so shoutout to her. In the picture its myself, Jazmin, Louis, and Bianca!

Another Snap taken by Cesiah again, was with our full group waiting in line to get on the Simpsons ride. This trip to Horror Nights was last minute for me, i wasn’t sure if i was going to get the day off at work. In the end, I’m glad i did end up going. This was a great night with some of my closest friends, and some new faces, one word to sum up this night? Amazing! 100% would do it again.

Horror Nights with these amazing people. 🙂

As for the two snaps i saw from classmates, theres this one from my friend Bryan at the art gallery. This is pretty creative and funny, he used the ladder as a staircase for a “person” to reach the food emojis.

Bryan's Snap he took at the Art Galleries.
Bryan’s Snap he took at the Art Galleries.

Another story i ran into was from a classmate Rachel, she also went to Horror Nights and posted this on Snapchat! I like how she used *crying* because believe me, on the outside it might’ve seemed like i wasn’t scared, but on the inside i was hella scared. So i feel for my classmate, Rachel.

Rachel at HHN
Rachel at HHN

Overall, this activity was pretty simple, and fun to do since we already use snapchat on a daily basis.


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