Week 7: Artist Conversation Angela Nicole Drew

Angelas Artwork
Angelas Artwork

This week i got the chance to ask Angela a few questions about her artwork in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Angela is from San Diego, and this is her last semester at Long Beach State and is a Ceramics major. She doesn’t plan on going to a masters program and wants to travel & help kids all around the world. Angela has been taking art courses since the 8th grade, and shes always been into painting and drawing as a kid. The theme of her artwork was the “Grand Canyon” the thought process behind it was her belief in Christianity. Angela mentioned how she listened to Christian music when she begins her art projects, it relaxes her and sets the tone for her project to come to life. She said she put her own belief into her art. It took her about 3 months to complete this artwork. She says she can only work on small projects because she doesn’t have the time or money to work on much bigger projects.

I really enjoyed this gallery because it was something different, and looked amazing, inside and out.

Facebook: Angela Nicole Drew


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