Week 7 Classmate Conversation: Millie Herrera

Not the best picture but Millie and I.
Not the best picture but Millie and I.

Millie came a little late and so did i, so we decided to converse for this weeks classmate conversation. Millie is a 3rd year and is 20 years old, also a Marketing major. At the start she asked me if it was okay to record me during the conversation, at first i was a bit weirded out about it, but she then explained that shes an auditory learner so it made sense. We really talked about our high school sports and how they shaped us to become the person we are today. This was a very relateble topic and pretty much the only thing we talked about during our conversation. Millie use to play soccer in high school and she explained how it pushed her to do well in school so that she could remain on the team and play. Overall, it was nice meeting her and talking to her for a little.

Question of the Week: If you could dye your hair any crazy color, which color would you dye it and why?

Her response was red, because her hair is brown and its the relative color and it would only make sense to dye it red. She also said White, but then changed her mind because she didn’t want to look like an old lady.

Millies website: https://millieherrera.wordpress.com/


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