Week 8: Activity Artist Interview Critic: Steven Gonzalez

This week  we were given the option of two activities. The somebody app seemed confusing to me, so i went with option B, the critic on another classmates artist post and one of my personal posts. For this week i choose to critique my fellow classmate Steven Gonzalez.

Going through his posts, i couldn’t really find many errors. His only flaw is his posts are short, maybe add another paragraph or two talking about the artists more. Although, i’m pretty sure he doesn’t write a lot because he can’t gather enough information since all the artists are surrounded by our classmates all at once its kind of hard to hear them and get as much details as we would like.

A picture from the post i critiqued from my fellow classmate Steven
A picture from the post i critiqued from my fellow classmate Steven

My posts are very lengthy, i like to add what i thought about the artwork and the message i think the artist is trying to get across. I’m more of a critical thinker in a sense. i like to think outside the box and truly find out what a person is trying to say. Although, some people are hard to understand, I’ll still try my best to understand someone and what they’re thinking.

Steven website to check out his work! https://stevenjgonzalez.wordpress.com/

my post i critiqued
my post i critiqued

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