Week 8: Artisit Conversation Rihannon Aarons

Rhiannon Aarons with her artwork!
Rhiannon Aarons with her artwork!

This week i had the pleasure of viewing and interviewing Rhiannon Aarons. Her artworks are digital prints meaning all of the paintings were printed. The colors used on the prints were black and gray. She used fading to give the prints depth and a 3D look. The shapes used were triangular and circular for the skeleton skull and teeth. Lines were incorporated to add small details and shadows on the skeletons. She said the diet areas were shaded with grave dirt, which is extremely creepy!

The theme of her artwork is Mythology. Something that really stuck with me that she said was ” You live life and find “inspiration” to create work. This can be for other things as well, for example, we live life and find what we’re passionate about and we pursue it and major in it for a potential future life, we’re slowly inspired throughout our lives to create work. She said it took her about a year to create these paintings, but that she also created a few others that she didn’t publish.Her ideas were that Satan gender is meant to be gender mutual, meaning that the male gender and the female gender are the same. The idea she was also trying to explore was that a woman’s body is not constructed properly well, so she tried to incorporate it in her paintings.

She also revealed that she has plans for the future but won’t reveal her ideas just yet because she wants it to be surprise for when they’re published. Overall, i really enjoyed her artwork, it was something different and perfect for this time of year because halloween is approaching very soon!



Twitter: @Rhiannonaarons


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