Week 9: Classmate Conversation Alissabeth Swisher

Alissabeth and I!
Alissabeth and I!

This week i got to speak to and meet Alissabeth! Alissabeth is 19 years old and from Downey. Shes a second year majoring in Business. She hopes to go to law school and go into corporate law after Long Beach State. Shes a huge movie fanatic, her favorite genre is horror and Eli Roth is her favorite actor. She works for the city of Carson at veterans sports complex, a desk job. She has a American Eskimo named Delilah and she LOVES animals. Alissabeth is such a down to earth girl and very nice. She was the one who approached me! We exchanged numbers and talked a little bit more to help with our posts over the weekend.

The question of the week was what is her favorite art we’ve seen at the art galleries?

Her favorite kind of art we’ve seen are the paintings. They stand out to her, and they all tell a different story. She also likes how the paintings can be interpreted in anyway we want to interpret them in.



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