Week 9 Activity- Transmedia StoryTelling

Here is my character analysis. My character is named Mike Mizzian, he is a 17 year old guy from New York. His sister is Elizabeth Mizzian. He plays soccer for his school and hopes to attend a college for soccer after his senior year of high school. Mike also helped out Riley in getting a date with one of his teamates. Mike is the older brother that looks after his sister and tries to make things right and bring people up when they’re upset or sad.

The setting takes place in New York. Elizabeth will finally get to meet a friend she met through pen pal, Riley Reed. When Riley arrives to New York she encounters a guy named Tishon. Tishon is a guy that Elizabeth has a crush on and they have been messaging each other through facebook. After Riley’s and Tishon’s encounter, Riley heads to meet Elizabeth at a Starbucks near Time Square. They have a conversation over some pumpkin spice lattes and Riley mentions the boy she met and shows her a picture of him on Instagram. Elizabeth is distraught when she finds out that the boy was Tishon and heads home devastated. Elizabeth tells Mike, her brother, about what had happened. Mike has an idea of making Riley fall for Iniesta Hernandez, who is a friend of his that plays for the soccer team in New York. Mike messages Iniesta through facebook and tells him that he met someone that he might like. While, Mike is telling Iniesta about Riley, Elizabeth messages Riley and tells her to meet her at a restaurant. Riley heads to her table at the restaurant and is surprised to see a guy instead of Elizabeth. Riley asks who he was and why he was there. He explains that Elizabeth and Mike had arranged the date. Riley is shocked and leaves the restaurant and confronts Elizabeth and they get in a huge argument. Riley decides to leave back to France and end their friendship. The End.

The experience was great, we had a lot of brainstorming to do as a group and each member gave great ideas. We all talked about it and it was fun, we all had different creative ideas. This is the first time this semester that i really worked with a group and its actually fun. Not only did we talk about the activity but also talked about ourselves and became friends in a sense. Its awesome how a simple activity can get us together and actually be fun.  I loved creating an imaginary character and setting up social media accounts to make it more realistic.

Worked in a group with Steven, Bryan, Ryan, and Jonathan!

Wouldn’t let me post pictures of my account but here are the links to the facebook and IG



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