Week 10: Activity Game Design

Geocaching app!
Geocaching app!


This week our activity was labeled as “Game Design” The purpose of this activity was for us to experiment with augmented reality. We used this app called Geocaching, its in one of my pictures.It is a game where you place an object somewhere, and then you post the coordinates of the location. Afterwards, someone has to look for the object with the coordinates given by you. It is similar to a scavenger hunt, but the only thing given is coordinates. My peers and I had to hunt for an object that someone had geocached and then we had to hide an object together and upload the coordinates to the app. My experience wasn’t the greatest, because when i went to the coordinates near me, i was unable to find any object, i looked for about 20 minutes. It was a let down since i really wanted to find one and see what was inside.

What i got from this activity is that we’re so boxed in with our phones, laptops and technology in general that we don’t think outside the box or go out and explore certain areas, which isn’t good for us. We’re missing out on so many opportunities out there. Life is a beautiful thing, it sucks how we spend most of our time staring at our phone screens, including myself. Lately, i’ve tried to use my phone less and honestly its a great feeling not to always be on it or depend on it for entertainment. Entertainment is everywhere, its out there, we just have to go find it. Life, go out there, and explore!


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