Week 11: Artist Conversation Kathy Yoon

This week I got to speak to Kathy Yoon! She is a ceramics major. She’s been in this department for 3 years. All of her art work is made of clay. In high school she didn’t really experiment with ceramics because her school didn’t  offer it. She discovered it in college. Kathy calls her works characters, they all describe her different moods. Each character is a different time in her life, different mood as well. The message Kathy tries to get out with her artwork is conveying her feelings and all she wants to accomplish is to be able to relate to her work. The picture I used for this post is her favorite because of the heart, it gives out more feeling in a sense. It took her around 2-3 weeks to create each character.

I really enjoyed her artwork because it was different from anything I’ve seen in the art galleries as of now. Especially how each one was created differently, they all gave out a different emotion to them, and that is truly amazing how Kathy was able to do that with art. All art can express itself in a different way, but I really enjoyed her art, because it was character expressing themselves

Her instagram is her name : Kathy Yoon


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