Week 11: Classmate Conversation Edgar Navarro

Edgar Navarro!
Edgar Navarro!

This week I had a conversation with a fellow classmate named Edgar Navarro! We were in such a rush that we forgot to take a picture together, so I got one off his blog! Edgar is 20 years old and is a 3rd year here at Cal State Long Beach. He’s a business management major and enjoys it. Edgar currently resides in Los Angles, and he commutes to school. He said it’s only about a 20 minute drive from home. A few of Edgar’s hobbies are playing video games on the ps4 such as Fifa and he really enjoys soccer as a whole. He has an English Bulldog. Edgar’s favorite food has to be Mexican style tacos, especially from taco stands! He has an older brother, sister and a younger sister. Hopes to find a great paying job after graduating.

Question of the week: Are tattoos art? If so, how? And would you ever get a tattoo?

Edgar said tattoos are art because their is someone drawing on your skin which is considered a canvas. He said he wouldn’t get a tattoo, he’s not really a fan of them, but if he ever did it’ll have to have a significant meaning to it.

Check out Edgar’s Blog! https://edgarnavarro400.wordpress.com/


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