Week 12: Artist Conversation Christopher Linquata

Christophers Artwork!
Christophers Artwork!


This week i had the chance to speak to Christopher Linquata, also viewed his art. Chris said it took him about 10 weeks and 18 hours a day of working on his artwork to complete all of these pieces of art. Used a variety of small and big brushes. A lot of layers were used, he filled layers until he felt he has reached the texture that he wanted. For example, if he didn’t like something he would paint over it. He has a certain dialogue with his painting. The people in his paintings are his close friends and family members, which to me is pretty amazing at how well he drew them. After graduating he would love to teach. Something really random but it was interesting at the same time was his beard. Christopher stated that he started letting his beard grow because he wanted to do a different representation about himself and for his paintings to look different every time since his beard was bigger after every painting. His main purpose for his art is for his viewers to feel inspired after viewing it. His art really got me thinking and i felt a little inspired after viewing his art to say the least.

Christophers Instagram: Icon5350


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