Week 13: Classmate Conversation Rosanna Ramirez

This week i had to chance to speak to Rosanna Ramirez! She is 19, a second year and an undeclared major. She wanted to go to North ridge but her twin sister went to Long Beach so that it wouldn’t be a hassle to go to 2 different schools, she decided to come to Long Beach with her sister, they live in Downey. A few of her hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing the guitar, going to the beach, going to the movies, and she loves to travel any chance she gets. Shes recently been to Mexico, Oregon, Washington. She has 4 dogs. She hopes that in 10 years she’ll be traveling all over the world, such as to Australia, Europe, Brazil, and amoung other places.

Question Of the Week: What was your definition of Art 13 weeks ago, and what is it now?

Rosanna said she thought art was just drawing and paintings before entering this class. Now with this class she discovered that theres different things that can express art. For example, the tea cups art work gallery was different and something new to her eyes, but its considered art.


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