Week 14: Artist Conversation Makaila Palmer

This week i had the pleasure to meet and speak to Makaila Palmer! Shes from Laguna Beach, beautiful place. She said shes a super senior! As she is currently in her 6th year. The three pieces that she has on display were “Dawn” “Day” & “Dusk” Makaila explained how these paintings along with the 4th that shes still working on “Night” show the psychological landscape of her life journey. Also, they represent a different time period in her life. For example, the painting behind her represents her college journey. Shes on a route and theres other people on so many other different routes around her. In her words “The beginning of her college experience” Makaila stated that that she wants people to stop and look at her work and notice the beauty in her paintings. She took 10 hours a week for about 3 months to complete these three paintings, the 4th, “Night” is still in the works.

Makaila Palmer Website! : Makailapalmer.com


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