Week 14 Classmate Conversation Steven Gonzalez & Jonathan Pua

For this week we had to do a group interview, meaning with 3+ people. I ended up interviewing a great friend of mine again in Steven, and a new classmate Jonathan.

Both Jonathan and Steven are 19 and second years here at Long Beach State! Jonathan lives in Carson and Steven resides in Long Beach. Jonathan is a Hospitality Management major, where as Steven is a Sociology major. Jonathan wants to own his own restaurant as well as be a chef of his own restaurant. He enjoys cooking very much. Steven wants to become a High School Counselor in the future. Both enjoy playing sports and playing video games. Steven enjoys playing soccer, where as Jonathan enjoys hiking!

Question of the week.

Steven and Jonathan both agreed that music is the form of art that inspires them both and catches their attention more than anything else. Music can describe literally every mood. If i were to search for a song to describe my current mood, i’d find it in a minute. Music, crazy how it can be so relate-able too.

Jonathans Website: https://jonathaninteractive.wordpress.com/

Stevens Website: https://stevenjgonzalez.wordpress.com/

Check them out! Both great guys. 10/10


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